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Black backgrounds are often used to contrast with foreground art and provide visual depth to imagery or textual content.  However, they should be used sparingly with text because most people prefer to read dark text—especially in the form of complete sentences—on very light backgrounds.

When used on the World Wide Web, background colors provide a low-bandwidth method of changing the appearance of an entire web page or its page elements.  To create a black background via an HTML body, table, td, th, or tr tag, specify the bgcolor attribute as "#000000" or "black".  To create a black background for an HTML element using CSS, specify its background-color attribute as black.

abstract red design on a black background
Abstract Red Design on Black Background

When using a black background, be sure there is adequate contrast with the foreground color(s).  That said, a black background can be used to attractively complement virtually any foreground color or color scheme.

By using colors that offset the black background, your designs and photos will stand out and get noticed.  In fact, minimalist "flat design" techniques, using dark background colors and simple elements, are often used to create banners, buttons, and social media imagery.

This website includes captioned digital image samples with black backgrounds, citing the pages on which these images are located.

Digital Images with Black Backgrounds

  • small hessian bag photograph Hessian Bag (Image)
    A natural hessian bag is photographed on a black background. The tote bag is full of fruits and vegetables, including onions, bananas, red peppers, and grapes. The healthy choices carried within the bag will be included in delicious family meals.
  • small carbide bur macro photograph Carbide Bur Macro (Image)
    A detailed close-up of a carbide bur is featured on top of a black background. Carbide burs are available in many configurations, and the orange band on the bur shaft indicates the bur model. The construction of the bur is shown in great detail.
  • small chandelier in poland photograph Chandelier in Poland (Image)
    Crystal chandeliers use glass and crystal prisms to reflect light for a dramatic effect. This photo of a large crystal chandelier with lots of candles on a black background showcases the type of crystal chandelier that is often used in theaters.
  • small electric guitar photograph Electric Guitar (Image)
    A vertical, full-body shot of an electric guitar is highlighted by a dramatic black background. The multi-colored, heavily grained wood makes this six-stringed guitar as much a piece of art as a vintage musical instrument.
  • small round eyeglass lenses photograph Round Eyeglass Lenses (Image)
    A pair of round eyeglass lenses floats on a black background. The light reflects off the lenses, contributing to an opaque effect. Photographed in this manner, the prescription eyeglass lenses are quite artistic.
  • small dressage horses photograph Dressage Horses (Image)
    The heads of two dressage horses seem to float on a black background. Both horses are wearing dressage bits and bridles. A gray horse with a collected profile is in the foreground, while a chestnut horse with a large blaze relaxes in the background.
  • vintage alarm clock photograph Vintage Alarm Clock
    A stainless steel alarm clock is set into a black background. The green, luminous features on the clock face and hands enable its owner to check the time during the dark, night hours.
  • small canvas tote photograph Canvas Tote (Image)
    A canvas tote bag is photographed outdoors, on a gray and black background. A rosy red apple is visible from within the bag, while another red apple and daisies appear outside of the bag.
  • small cowboy boots photograph Cowboy Boots (Image)
    A pair of men's western cowboy boots is photographed on a black background. The handcrafted boots, which are brown, feature elaborate stitching and appear to be made from two different types and styles of leather.
  • orange fireplace flames photograph Fireplace Flames
    Orange flames from a hardwood fire reflect on a shiny, black surface. The flames in the fireplace produce glowing embers that ascend up an invisible chimney and become tiny gray ashes.

abstract red curves on a black background
Abstract Red Curves on Black Background

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